Xanrud's Portrait

Xanrud is the boss of the Syndicate's Rogues' Division and is the strongest fighter there. He doesn't care about his underlings and leaves them on their own.

Confident in his own abilities, he is willing to fight on his own... and is even more willing to cheat if the fight does not go the way he expected.

He takes a liking to Gwyn after seeing her, and tries to take her for himself.

During both fights with him Xanrud has the following skills:

  • Sand Throw
  • Rogue's Blade
  • Twin Snakes
  • Dual Menace
  • Symphony of Destruction


  • Xanrud takes double damage from water and lightning. Using such attacks against him (if you have any) is recommended.
  • Additionally, much of his hard-hitting attack power comes from his powerful skills. Utilizing MP damaging and draining moves is an excellent way to make him much less dangerous and easier to manage, if the character has any.