Welcome to the walkthrough for "Despair Labyrinth - Ransom of Elynsor". Created by RealStarke and spell checked plus minor edits by Shadowblack. (Note: Leave the Wiki editing for Starke or Shadow, do not edit the Wiki without consulting us or KITAmaru first).

All game and walkthrough rights are reserved to KITAmaru. This may not be reproduced in whole or in parts anywhere, and it shouldn't be sold since it's free. If you paid for the game you’ve been scammed.

Keep two save slots, one is the main playthrough, the other is for different cutscenes! (the second will be overwritten a lot, it's just to get things saved in the Gallery since the game has interaction between save games and the Gallery in a sense that, to have a scene recorded in the Gallery, it either has to be a game over scene, or you must have saved after it). I will be referring to the second one as SAVE ON DIFFERENT FILE which is Save File 2.

The walkthrough begins, you pick your character and you enter the crack through the wall, you get in the Labyrinth and the first thing you should do is grab the chests with the Mindpotion and the Potion, after that open the prison door and talk to the guard, your goal here is to lose since the goal of this walkthrough is unlocking every H-Scene and roughly 99% of them involve low purity.

The easiest way to lose is selecting: Fight -> Magic -> Surrender. This should lower your purity a bit and unlock your first H-Scene! Now SAVE and go all the way to the right to fight the same NPC again, the first time, we'll do something to unlock another H-Scene but also takes you to the game over screen, lose to him, watch the new H-Scene reload your save. Now pick continue, return to your save before the second fight, and this time around defeat him, your HP will be refilled before the battle!

Proceed through the door and pick up the Fairy Shoes, Gladius, Leather Helm, Longbow, Blizzard Scroll and High Potion. Talk to the maid (After you equip any gear that is better than the one you currently have). An option for letting her satisfy you will be available for all except Irine (she needs to have 65 or less Purity, which you can't have yet, but this will be "fixed" soon). After you're done with the maid, proceed to the right where you will see a sleeping bandit. If you're playing as anyone other than Irine:

  • If your Purity is above 45 you'll be able to kill him or spare him
  • If your Purity is 45 or less you'll be able to kill him, spare him or pleasure him. Pleasuring him is nearly identical to pleasuring the sleeping bandits in the barracks (more on them later) and because of that does not have its own entry in the CG Gallery

If you're playing as Irine and your Purity is above 30 you'll automatically spare him. If your Purity is 30 or less you'll be able to kill him, spare him or pleasure him (like the other characters when their Purity is 45 or less).

Once you're done with the sleeping bandit (or if you decide to ignore him and deal with him later) proceed up and get the 500G from the chest on the left, talk to the saleswoman on the right, buy one High Health Potion and 3x Antidote, now exit trough the east.

In this room if you get close to some statues they will transform into Gargoyles, in order to make your life easier, I created a map. The red X crosses, mean that if you get to that square, a gargoyle will attack you, the X with a circle around it means that square has a battle that is impossible to avoid, you have to fight it, on green is the shortest path you can run with the least amount of enemy encounters (which is 1).


Losing to any gargoyle will unlock a new H-Scene (this scene will have a different ending if you have Gwyn in your party) so you will want to lose to the one with the circle around the X at least (it's also the only one that cannot be avoided). Your HP will be 1 after the battle, do not worry, proceed south.

SAVE before you talk to the guard, after you've saved, first of all, pick Engage in Battle, and surrender! After he's done having his way with you, SAVE ON A DIFFERENT FILE and return to title, reload from your first save before you fought him, and this time talk to the guard and pick "Try to Seduce Him" (If the option is not available, your Purity is still too high, so lay more gargoyles and/or let the maid seduce you) this is a one-time chance to unlock this H-Scene so do whatever you need to do to unlock it now, if it's not low enough, reload your main save, go back, surrender to more gargoyles, save and come back, if it's not enough rinse and repeat. After you're done seducing the guard and defeating him get the Mindpotion on the red box on the left, and the Bronze Shield on the casket to the far right. Proceed walking south.

Now this is NOT mandatory, but try to get every single chest on this area before losing on purpose to an assassin! There is 1 metal chest to the west, 1 chest to the north, 6 chests and 1 crate to the east, as well as a composite bow to the south with 1000 gold, Composite Bow (Derp), Magician Bracelet, High Potion, Elixir, 500 Gold, MP Supplement, Full Mindpotion, Full Potion, & HP supplement. The supplements use immediately on yourself, the Elixir and Full Potion might come into play later so hold on to them, now find an assassin and lose!

You will be taken to an H-scene with a different guy for each and every single character, but they resolve around pretty much the same in the same spot. Here I suggest talking as dirty as you can, it might not change your purity, it might do, so just talk dirty! After the entire H-scene is over (this one is rather long), lose to about 2 guys in the turbans, and 2 guys in the green hair. For the guys in the turbans (Slave Trader) pick "Open Your Mouth" and "Suck Him Off" (again, it might not change purity, but it might do). For the guys in the green hair (Journeyman Bandit) when you're halfway through the H-Scene, a Slave Trader will approach and tell him you suck him off, you can pick to "Please him" or "Refuse", picking "Please Him" will lower your Purity (as intended) but this option is only available if your Purity is already really low, so unless this option is available, keep fighting and losing to every man you see! This option means you have something like 45 purity IIRC or less, keep losing, our goal here is to achieve 35 or lower Purity (I'd aim at 30 at least since you can acquire purity later and you don't want to miss an H-Scene or complain that you didn't unlock X,Y,Z and the walkthrough didn't work, no sir, you just got purity along the way, it was your fault, everything is working as intended)! About 8 of these guys should be enough to lower the purity low enough for every character! Now go to the big room to the west (the one with the two big wooden doors).

First of all look yourself in the mirror, if your Purity is not 35 or below go back and have sex with some more of those thugs, if it's 35 or below, just proceed reading. Now below you there's a bed with two twins, talk to the one on the left, pick the first option (second one works for most characters too, but not for others for some reason, IE Lanie doesn't get a H-Scene if you pick the second option, nothing changes except the opening dialogue tho, and don't worry if you pick the wrong option the first time, you can repeat this as many times as you want until you unlock the H-Scene) and unlock a H-Scene, you can finish this H-Scene with them ejaculating inside you or in your face, personal preference, as long as you unlock an H-Scene the game unlocks every instance of it, meaning you can go to the gallery and play it off differently later if you want..

When the first scene is done talk to the one on the right and you unlock another H-Scene! Note that currently the second scene can repeated and it increases your character's Purity.

We're done here, exit north through the doors and find a women in a brown dress, gray hair and reading glasses! In case you're having trouble finding, this is her (the one in brown, the other is obviously Lanie):


First fight, lose, H-Scene with the Slave Superior/Dominatrix and unlock a new H-Scene. Now you can either heal up and waste potions, or you can come back later full HP since you're going to need to defeat her, therefore proceed with the walkthrough.

Find the stalls (a big line of people) and walk to the open one and talk to the "wall". If your Purity is 50 or less, you'll be given a choice if you want to work in the Stalls (since this part is confusing (especially for those who are not fluent at English) and I'm also not the greatest at explaining here's a picture to make your job easier:


After you serviced two clients you'll be presented with two options, just keep picking "Wait for the next customer" until you serviced all the 6 different NPCs: The man in green hair (default, always the first one and impossible to miss), the Hermaphrodite (woman with a penis in case you didn't know), the horse with his trainer, the Orc, the knight (spearman) and the elderly man. If you're lucky enough you'll get a perfect cycle, if not, look at the bright side, your purity will be negative when you're out of there or close to it! After you're done with all 6 just pass out. Exit the jail (This time don't fight or lose to anyone, at least your HP was replenished) and go to the room with the twins, in the lower right corner, there's a jail door (like in the first room of the game), open it and keep going northeast until you get to a set of three rooms past the assassins in hoodies which by the way, you shouldn't get in a fight with.

From the room on the bottom to the top one in this order: The first one has a red box with a Handheld Mirror which is an item that allows you to check your Purity anywhere in the map! The second one is the room where a very important cutscene will take place in the future, remember how to get here! Seriously, make a mental note! The third one has 4 guys passed out and 2 bandits, just ignore it (Might have some influence later, I don't know). Keep going north past the clown and go back to the main room, find the Dominatrix and this time, defeat her (Talk to her, pick the option "NO" you haven't been a good girl). You'll have the option either to "Leave Her" or "Strip her clothing off" (unless you're Irine, in which case you'll need to have 30 or less Purity), pick the second option to unlock a new H-Scene, you'll be dealt a lot of options, so if you want to see the other version, check the gallery later. Whatever you do, you'll get Dominatrix Clothes. I strongly suggest you call two thugs to deal with her, and then let them have their way with her, this will enrich the story of the dominatrix and give you lower Purity. Note: If you leave her you'll need to leave the map, then come back and defeat her again.

Now you can grind this area for EXP/Low Purity stats (just keep in mind, there's no free healing after you get beaten). When finished exit through the north door and you're back at the start near the maid! (If you didn't let her please you yet, do so now!) Proceed to the clerks and this time buy as many High Health potions as you can. (If you ignored him previously, take care of the sleeping bandit.)

Go back to the room with the huge amount of chests and the assassins but this time, either fight and defeat the NPCs you want (remember to carry HP pots and Antidotes) or just storm through it (beating a couple of these guys to grind for EXP might be a good idea, at least until level 5 or 6, but remember to save HP pots, specially the Elixir and the Full HP Pot). Keep walking south until you see a Knight, SAVE and fight him. Defeat him (There's no H-Scene if you lose, you’ll just get sent back to the Chambers), let me warn you however this guy is harder than anything you fought up to this point, he hits relatively hard, but above all, he has tons of HP, use whatever you need to beat him! For this fight try to use as much crowd control as you can, confuse is amazing, he is also weak to lightning. After you defeat him, Orpheus appears, he is irrelevant for the current version of the game, so pick any of the options (again, read the script, it might come into play on future versions for sure). After you're done talking to the guy, pick the Chainmail Hood, the Circlet, Leather Dress, Chainmail Hauberk and the Mystic Robe. Equip whatever gear is better than the one you currently have (I assume you realize different classes depend on different stats for example, if I'm using Emilia I want to have the highest Attack, while if I'm using Irine, I want the highest Spirit). Exit through the south.

Here, we will follow priorities so west first! In this new area (hey, outside for a change) grab all the 8 chests, there's 7 on the edges of the map and one at the center, they have Cestus, Four-flanged Mace, Cavalry Lance, Katzbalger, Crossbow, Rondel, Claymore & Elders Staff. Again, equip whatever is better than what you have at the moment and as you probably figured by now, fight one of these Red Slime enemies and lose, a new H-Scene will ensue, when you're done, exit the room back to the east.

Now take the east exit to the garden, here first of all, lose to one of the small plant monsters to unlock a new H-Scene. After you're done, proceed North to the fountain and Drink the water, this will fully heal you! SAVE. Now either you can kill all the small plants in this area as many times as you want since you have a way to replenish yourself back to full near you and it's great for EXP, or proceed to the south exit to continue the playthrough, at which point you will have to fight a miniboss, pretty simple, first time, lose to him and you will get a H-Scene followed by the Game Over menu, return to title, reload, defeat him. What is NOT simple is defeating him, first of all, using items does NOT have priority over attacks, and he usually attacks before you do, also, he hits hard, and has a lot of HP, so just use a lot of CC (Confuse, Blind) and Fire attacks since every creature in the garden is weak to it. (just as a fun fact, I forgot to save here, luckily I reminded myself I forgot to save (was writing the walkthrough) so I had to defeat him the first time and continue from my latest save and rush here so I could lose to him...) after you defeat him, pick the master key from the floor (stand over it) and go back to the main room. (Use the HP supplement and then drink again from the fountain to heal).

Now proceed to the south room (the bar). First of all, talk to the bartender, sell whatever you don't need and buy a good amount of HP and MP pots, as Lanie at this point I had 50 High HP pots, 20 High MP pots, 10 Antidotes, and I still had my Elixir, Full MP pot and Full HP pot. This is highly doable! Now SAVE and approach the three sailors, talk to the upper one of the left side of the table. If your Purity is 35 or less you'll be given a choice: to allow them to have their way with you or to refuse them. If you choose to refuse (or if your Purity is above 35, if which case you automatically refuse) they will attack you. Lose the battle and watch the H-Scene, after you're done (or they're done with you eheh…) SAVE ON DIFFERENT FILE and go back to the title, reload from your main save, and this time, let the pirates (They're actually sailors, but let's keep it as pirated) have their way with you. After this, proceed south.

Now a new scene will unfold, when you have high Purity, the scene will be completely different, and the man called Wolfram will absolutely destroy the man in the green hair, high relation points with Wolfram might be required in the future, which will either require two playthroughs or what not, but for now relationship points with Wolfram are irrelevant, so keep in mind what is the goal of the playthrough but remember, when you get here, the scene at least for now is NOT optional, if you have low purity you will get raped by the guy with green hair, maybe it will be changed in the future to pick the option to refuse when Wolfram comes into play. Proceed through the gate and watch the H-Scene, after you're done, collect 5000g, Elixir, ATK supplement and Panacea from the chests (one is right next to Wolfram). Keep walking south until you reach the barracks.

First, talk to one of the sleeping guys and please him orally to unlock a new H-Scene (in the game files, there is a scene where one of the thugs approaches you and rapes you while you perform oral sex but it was never released), then kill them all for the EXP (You can't kill the one you pleased orally) and proceed east then south until you reach a room with a huge table, enter the room to the west and you'll see a old school wooden bathtub, you can pick to take a bath and "Clean yourself" (raises purity) or "Masturbate" (lowers purity), these H-Scenes do NOT show up in the gallery, keep in mind where this place is because later in the game we will need Lanie to be high purity. Now go back to the other room and interact with the bottle of wine at the far right of the bar table. If your character's Purity is below 50 you'll be able to choose whether to drink it or not. Drink it to unlock a new H-Scene.

Proceed to the south, after a small cutscene with the Arcane Division girls, keep walking south then east (the room furthest to the south is irrelevant by now but explains how one of the Arcane Division girls escaped from your in the gardens). When you get the warning that you hear Steel clashing up ahead, SAVE and be ready for the most boring part of the game!

You will see 4 bandits pounding on a woman, pick "Intervene” and join her in the fight (if you choose not to intervene you get noticed by the bandits, so you have to fight them anyway; the only difference is a single extra picture you will see). The first time just lose and you will get an H-Scene followed by a Game Over, reload and you know what to do the second time, just defeat him (Here if you have Lanie and Ignition Blaze it's just humorous how easy the fight turns out). After that you will be taken to a room with Gwyn and a surprise trio shows up, meet Xanrud, this is the first time you will encounter him and the battle is very hard, and very annoying due to his huge amount of HP, his blind, and his insane damage (in most characters) that make you spend a lot of turns either using pots or guarding, so in order to save a LOT of time, just lose to him (unless you really want the unique weapon you can get by defeating him). After he defeats you, pick up the first option to stand by Gwyn's side and as soon as the dialogue is over SAVE, pick the High Potion from the chest and heal up! Fight the duo now and obviously, lose the first time, SAVE ON DIFFERENT FILE and return to title, reload on the main file and this time around, defeat them.

Proceed all the way to the south until a timer starts, you have 4 minutes to find Gwyn (more than enough IF you follow the walkthrough closely, first of all, getting into H-Scenes will NOT stop the timer, however opening the menu will). Go to the right and enter the first and second doors to collect a HP Supplement and a Bagh Nakh respectively, the third room is closed for now but Lanie must get back here later for her H-Scene, and the fourth door is locked for now, but as soon as you rescue Gwyn, it will open!

Now walk all the way to the left and talk to the pikeman, fight him or seduce him (the latter is possible only if your Purity is 50 or less), collect all the treasure in the room which is a Warrior Bracelet, a High Mindpotion and a Full Potion. On the top left corner you see a white curtain, just press Enter/Space in front of it and you will be taken to a passageway, remember the second room previously which I told you to keep a mental note on? Proceed to the right until you reach it but before you enter, SAVE, we're going to kill three H-Scenes in one go (The first one you will only have to do once and it will unlock the only Gwyn personal H-Scene!) First of all, let the 3 minutes run out, when the time reaches 0:00 enter the room and defeat Xanrud (He is way weaker this time around). Talk to the men and Gwyn to unlock an H-Scene, SAVE ON A DIFFERENT FILE go back to title, reload main file and enter the room before the timer runs out, this time losing to Xanrud! This will unlock a different H-Scene and after that you will be taken to the stalls in which you will have to serve at least 2 customers until you can pass out and SAVE ON A DIFFERENT FILE.

Finally, reload the main save file in the title and go in the room again without the timer running out and defeat Xanrud! Beware he still has blind (The Warrior Bracelet item prevents blind, VERY important for physical characters) and Symphony of Destruction which performs 3 attacks each for around 130 damage and all can be dodged individually. Use a lot of confuses, blinds, ATK reducers, lightning attacks, whatever is in your arsenal! Including the Elixirs and Full HP pots. Keep your HP above 400/500 at all times! When you have defeated him you’re done with the boring part of the game that involves a lot of saving and reloading and Gwyn joins the party!

Now walk all the way to the crack in the wall and press Enter/Spacebar in front of it and go back to the room with the bathtub, allow Gwyn to join you to raise your relationship with her, now go back to the room where Xanrud found you both for the first time and go to the square 2 squares east of the fireplace, pick 'Yes' to rest there. HP refilled and unlock a new H-Scene.

If you're not playing with Lanie, skip to the next walkthrough area. First of all, go the bathing area and bathe until your purity is above 65! Then, return to the area where you fought/serviced the pirates, then talk to the man in the table full of papers and notes, his name is Renford and he will tell you to fetch some books first. The first book is located in a room southwest of where you met Wolfram:


The second one is in the room that I told you that was locked and where Lanie would have a personal H-Scene in, well go all the way to it to fetch the book. You should do some reading in this room if you didn't study personality stereotypes in real life, like I mention in many places, you should read everything in the game but this specifically will give you some value as a human being and it will help you answering some questions that Lanie will be asked shortly but again, who needs to study when you have me explaining everything to you? Fetch the book and return it to Renford. The third book we will only acquire later so from now on, threat Lanie as a person that you shouldn't lower the purity anymore meaning that to unlock any scene, just save before and if you have to lose to unlock a H-Scene, threat it as a SAVE ON A DIFFERENT FILE type of scene, period.

Remember the fourth door that was unlocked? Go through it and SAVE if you are Asella, this because she will have three hidden H-Scenes here! Proceed forward this room and you will see Lumina (if you're anyone but Asella) or Rhiannon (if you are Asella), if you're not Asella, just talk to the lady but if you are Asella you will have one option to fight Rhiannon. First, lose to her and watch her and a thug have her way with you, SAVE ON A DIFFERENT FILE, go back to the title, and fight her again, this time defeating her (not hard). You will have a choice to let her go or have your way with her, obviously have your way with her to unlock another hidden H-Scene the reload main save file and finally, have your way with her using the dominatrix outfit to unlock a third H-Scene and complete this area (of course, you need to have the dominatrix outfit, so if you forgot to take revenge on the dominatrix go do so now).

When you're done and now if you are Emilia, walk all the way to the left until the third room with the big bed, press Enter/Spacebar in the highest tile on the left side of the bed to rest, someone known to you will come to your side pick "yes" to have sex with him/her and you will unlock a new H-Scene. After this proceed with the walkthrough. Walk north until you enter the dojo, talk to one of the guys training with the dummy and lose to unlock one of the last H-Scenes.

Proceed now to the north to the room with the master Enyo. If you're any character except Sairyn, just lose to her so you get raped and conquer the next H-Scene of the game. If you're Sairyn, you will recognize the hooded figure, a special hidden H-Scene will unfold when you lose, and after that one the scene where you get raped by the 4 brawlers will also be unlocked like every other character.

Now proceed to the north, you will find Orpheus who gruesomely killed a member of the syndicate, talk to him (any answer is irrelevant for now) and keep going north until a hooded figure steals some of your money (the limit is 20000; you keep any gold above that amount). Now if you are Lanie, here's our chance to get the third book, if you're not Lanie, just skip ahead.

The book is located in the library which is to the right where you stand now, the book is in the right side of the 5th shelf, return it to Renford. After a long chat, he will ask you to meet him again at the same place on the next day, sit on the stool in front of him and reply the following whenever you are prompt to: "Don't mention it", "To learn the truth", "I don't think less of you", "ISTJ", "I'm a progidy", "Hmm... Wiser I guess", "Trying to help others", "Humm... traveling?", "Do you want me to be?", "Being passionate", ".... Sure..." and that is it, you unlocked her personal H-Scene, now go back to the chambers and get your purity lower than 50, after that, proceed with the walkthrough.

Back to the officers' bar, you'll see a man with brown hair sitting on a couch, talk to him and after a while, agree to service him, you will unlock a new H-Scene. If you're Emilia, Rhiannon, Asella, Lanie or Sairyn, this is the last new H-scene for version 0.09, however if you are not, read ahead on the specific character.

Cesca: Get back to the officers lounge, exit to the north and enter (lockpick) the first room you find. This is a Treasure Room. If you can complete it you will receive a worthy reward, if you lose to any of the enemies in this room, you will unlock the last H-Scene and will be sent to the beginning of the room. That's it for Cesca.

Irine: Get back to the officers lounge, exit to the north and enter the door on the left, move forward and a scene will unfold (the last one for Irine in this version). After that, just exit the room and keep going north until you have brief encounter with Thyme in the library. That's it for Irine.

Thyme: Get back to the officers lounge, exit to the north and enter the door on the left, move forward and a scene will unfold, this is a cameo scene between Thyme and Irine, after that, just exit the room and keep going north until she has her flashback, this will unlock her last H-Scene.

There's one more H-scene in this version. In the Rest Area (where Irine's scene takes place) there's another maid. She too is willing to serve you. This is exactly the same scene as with the maid at the start of the game and because of that does not have its own entry in the gallery.

This concludes the version 0.09 Walkthrough, hope you enjoyed it.

Note: Saving in the "End of Demo" room is intentionally disabled. To re-enable it leave via the door.