Adele, Briony, Concepta, Eliese and Svetlana are five girls, officers of the Syndicate's Arcane Division and unofficially known as "Trouble 5". They call Nebula "Lady Nebula", indicating that she's their boss. They also seem to do grunt work for her, namely searching for ingredients for her creations.

Adele seems to be the one who takes her work the most seriously... even if that work involves searching a kitchen for ingredients. Green-haired, dressed in dark green clothes.

Briony is far from enthusiastic about doing what she considers "grunt work". She finds it boring and would prefer to sleep instead. She also gets easily annoyed by Concepta's “useless facts”. She has light brown hair and wears blue clothes.

Concepta seems to have a love for knowledge, as she knows all sorts of different facts, and is happy to share them whenever something even remotely related is mentioned – much to Briony's annoyance. Purple-haired, wears dark purple clothes.

Eliese seems to be the shyest member of the group – she speaks the least and stutters when talking. She can be a bit silly at times. Brown-haired, dressed in red clothes.

Svetlana seems to be the most cheerful and optimistic member of the group. Golden-haired, wears red clothes.