Thyme's Portrait

Thyme the Red-Eyed Witch is an enigmatic hermit who lives in a forest unmarked on many maps. She took the quest in order to gain access to the royal apothecary's stores, which were said to contain a specific herb found only every 500 years. What she plans to do with this is unknown. Rumor has it that she lives a dual life, one being the mistress of a brothel.

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

Fifth of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Thyme's official class is 'Sage'. Her starting Purity is 60 (the lowest among the 'Primary 8'). Additionally, she has a trait called "Pharmacology", ensuring that recovery items have double effectiveness when used by her (for example, a Mindpotion will restore 200 MP when used by her, instead of the usual 100 MP). Currently there's only one H event exclusive to her.

Currently there are no side quests exclusive to her.

Background details:

  • Her first client in the Chambers confirms that she really is the mistress of a brothel
  • Her flashback shows that she lived in ancient Cerynsia, which means that she is over 1000 years old

Character Sprite

She has one additional rank of resistance against:

  • Confusion
  • SPI down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Hex of Fire, Surrender
  • L2 - Hex of Water
  • L3 - Hex of Air
  • L4 - Hex of Earth
  • L5 - Hex of the Void
  • L6 - Spell Siphon
  • L7 - Curse of Fire
  • L9 - Curse of Water
  • L11 - Curse of Air
  • L13 - Curse of Earth
  • L15 - Curse of the Void

Note: Currently all of Thyme's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

If playing as Thyme you will meet Irine in the Rest Area, near the end of the Rogues' Division. The game tracks your relationship with her, but currently said relationship has no impact on the game.


  • Like Lanie Thyme's skills are all spells and she does not rely on physical attacks, so Blindness is not a problem for her. On the other hand Silence is a serious issue for her, as it prevents spellcasting. Equipping a Magician Bracelet is recommended, as it not only increases her Spirit (and thus the damage of her spells), but also protects her from Silence.
  • Thyme has a spell that drains the target's MP, reducing her need for Mindpotions.
  • Confusion is not as dangerous for Thyme as it is for most other characters, as - due to her low Attack - her regular attacks do very low damage. This makes it a bit easier for her to survive getting confused.
  • Thyme's skills use the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Darkness. Since most of the enemies in the game so far are vulnerable to at least one of these she is able to exploit most of these weaknesses. Most of her skills can also inflict a negative status effect on the target(s).
    • Thyme's "Curse" skills hit all enemies still alive. This makes them very useful against large groups of foes.