Despair Labyrinth uses the standard RPG Maker VX stats: Health (HP), Magic Points (MP), Experience, Level, Attack, Defense, Spirit and Agility.

Experience is earned by defeating enemies, which is done primarily through combat. In some cases you can do something to avoid combat, such as killing a sleeping enemy, or seducing an enemy and then killing him while his guard is lowered. These extra options, however, tend to have requirements, such as a low-enough Purity (see below).

Level increases only when you have enough experience.

There are two ways to increase max HP and max MP:

  • by leveling up
  • by using items that permanently increase them, such as HP Supplement and MP Supplement. Such items are rare and are consumed when used

There are three ways to increase Attack, Defense, Spirit and Agility:

  • by leveling up
  • by using items that permanently increase them, such as ATK Supplement. Such items are rare and are consumed when used
  • by obtaining and using better equipment

Some characters have skills that can temporarily increase their stats or decrease the opponent's.

Currently there's no way to decrease level, experience, max HP and max MP. Attack, Defense, Spirit and Agility can decrease if you change your character's equipment, and they can also get temporarily decreased if the character gets inflicted with a negative effect, for example "Attack down" reduces Attack for a few turns.

In addition to the standard stats the game tracks a few extra ones.


The most important of those extra stats is Purity. Its starting value differs between characters, but is always high – between 60 and 100. During the game, as a result of various events, it will either decrease or increase (the latter is rather rare). Purity affects the characters’ actions during certain situations – high Purity characters tend to have different choices available than low-Purity ones.

You can check your character’s Purity by looking at the mirrors you can find at certain locations in the labyrinth, or by using the Handheld Mirror (if you manage to find it). You can find mirrors at the following locations:

  • In the room of the twins in the south-west side of the Chambers
  • In the most north-west room in the Chambers
  • In the barracks, near the spot where you can take a bath
  • In the east part of the Chambers, in the room south of where you find Gwyn
  • In the Rogues' Division's Rest Area, in the middle of the three rooms

The mirrors also show three other stats the game tracks. Currently all three are just counters and have no impact on the game. This might change in the future.


Four of the girls start as virgins. Currently virginity results in different text in certain H scenes, but nothing more.

Relationship PointsEdit

During many of the events in the game you will have a choice what to do or say. Some of those choices will affect your relationship with one (or more) other characters. The change can be positive or negative. You have no way to check your relationship values.

The game tracks your relationships with the following characters:

Currently only your relationship with Gwyn matters, but in the future all relationship values will be important.