Rhiannon's Portrait

Rhiannon the Fierce is the leader of the 'Faust Raiders', a rag-tag group of bandits known for robbing Imperial coaches. After hearing of the royal bounty, she decides to take off by herself to claim the glory, and more importantly, the spoils. Familiar with the sexual needs of bandit men, she knows just what she wants and how to get it.

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

Second of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Rhiannon's official class is 'Berserker'. Her starting Purity is 70 (second lowest among the 'Primary 8'). Currently there's no H event exclusive to her, though she is featured in Asella's exclusive scene.

Currently there are no side quests exclusive to her.

Background details:

  • Prior to undertaking the quest to save the princess Rhiannon spent an unknown amount of time in the the Faust Mountain Range - this has not been directly said in the game, but the name of her group and her comments when reading about the Range confirm it
  • She is the daughter of Ainech, former Captain of the Elynsorian Royal Army's 1st Division. For reasons currently unknown he is remembered as a traitor and a heretic who turned his back on the Kingdom and Rhiannon is none too happy about it, since - according to her, at least - he saved the entire nation single-handedly

Character Sprite

She has one additional rank of resistance against:

  • Sleep
  • ATK down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Cleave, Surrender
  • L2 - Bloodlust
  • L3 - Sleeper Choke
  • L4 - Skull Bash
  • L5 - Whirlwind Slice
  • L7 - Frenzy
  • L9 - Throat Crush
  • L11 - Provoke
  • L13 - Juggernaut
  • L15 - Battle Cry

Note: Currently all of Rhiannon's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

Currently if playing as Rhiannon you do not encounter any of the other 8 main characters.


  • Rhiannon has good Attack but poor Defense. Some of her skills, like "Bloodlust" and "Frenzy", boost her Attack and Agility at the cost of her Defense, however currently there's no way to cancel the effect of those skills. That leaves her more vulnerable to physical attacks, which can be deadly if she's low on HP, or if her opponent has high-damage skills.
    • The lowered Defense is especially problematic when she is fighting multiple enemies at once, as all of them benefit from her lowered Defense.
  • The increased Attack and decreased Defense can also be very problematic if Rhiannon gets confused, as she is very likely to kill herself before the confusion wears off. Currently this is an issue only when fighting Enyo, but with the addition of new enemies it is very likely to change.
    • Rhiannon herself can use the "Confusion + increased Attack" combo against enemies: Confuse an enemy with "Skull Bash" and then increase that enemy's Attack with "Provoke", maximizing the damage he will do to his allies and himself, while at the same time leaving him more vulnerable to her attacks (like "Bloodlust", "Provoke" increases Attack at the cost of Defense).
  • Currently all of her attack skills except "Throat Crush" are physical attacks, so blindness can be a serious problem for her. Equipping her with a Warrior Bracelet is recommended.
  • Rhiannon's skills provide her with several status effects, both positive and negative: sleep, confusion, silence, increased Defense and resistance to physical damage, increased Attack and Agility at the cost of decreased Defense, and she even has a skill that allows her to attack up to 3 enemies at once. On the flip side she has no free access to most magic elements (Wind is the only exception), so most of the time she won't be able to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.