The game has one main quest: To rescue the princess. Whether this will remain the only main quest, or not, remains to be seen.

Side QuestsEdit

Currently there are very few side quests, though that number will increase as the game gets expanded.

Rescue GwynEdit

You start this quest when you encounter Gwyn. After she gets taken by Xanrud you have limited time (4 minutes) to find her. If you do (and manage to defeat Xanrud), you successfully save her and she joins the party.

If you fail to find her on time, then she gets drugged and you have to find some way to counter the drug. Currently there's no way to do so (it is expected that the cure will be found somewhere in the Arcane Division).

Rivalry with EnyoEdit

Sairyn's rivalry with Enyo is a small side story/quest exclusive to her. It starts when she first meets Enyo in the Labyrinth. Based on the available info it will take at least 2 more encounters with Enyo to finish it.

Translation HelpEdit

A small quest available only to Lanie.

In the bar, on the table to the right of the three sailors, sits a man who is trying to translate some ancient texts. Before Lanie can offer to help him three requirements must be met:

  1. The sailors must be gone (one way or another)
  2. Xanrud must have escaped (i.e. you must have defeated him while trying to rescue Gwyn)
  3. Lanie's Purity must be high enough (65 or more)

The man introduces himself as Renford. If Lanie offers to help him he will ask her to find and bring him 3 books. The first one is a "Cerynsic Glyph Translation Guide". Just go to the barracks (the room after Wolfram's) and search the bookshelves to the left

Next is the "Vernish Grammar Guide", which you will find in his room. Go to the map where the Veteran Pikeman is (same guy that gives you information where to find Xanrud while you’re trying to rescue Gwyn). You will now be able to enter the previously-locked door there. Search the bookshelves to find the guide, and be sure to read the other book on the shelves.

Last is the "History of the Xalinese Language". Go to where you meet Enyo for the first time, go north through the room where you meet Orpheus for the second time, and when you reach the mess hall go right to a small library. Search the bookshelves until you find the book, then go back to the guy.

Once Lanie has brought him all three books Renford will finish his research and invite her to dinner. Depending on her answers during their conversation he might ask her to stay with him for the night, or he might just leave. If Lanie accepts the offer there will be an h-scene (and you also get a full heal as a minor bonus).

The Treasure RoomEdit

A small quest/minigame available only to Cesca.

In the hallway past the Rogues' Division's mess hall are two doors. The one to the left merely allows you to continue with the game. The one to the right is locked and on the wall next to it is a warning, which serves only to provoke Cesca's curiosity. She proceeds to pick the lock and enter the room.

Inside the room are 3 levers, and each one opens one of the three closed doors. There are 3 buttons – red, blue and yellow – and each of them opens the door of the corresponding color. The order, in which you will press the buttons, is irrelevant. Once all three buttons have been pressed it becomes possible to enter the sealed off area and take the treasure there - the sword "Radiant Edge", one of the best weapons currently in the game.

There are 7 chests on the map. One of them is a trap that merely brings you back to the start (but you do not lose the progress you have made), one has a single gold coin inside, and the rest contain gold or items.

There are 9 masked thugs patrolling the room. Each one follows a different, but set, pattern, so most of the time it is possible to avoid them. The masked thugs are rather strong and have no weaknesses or resistances. Losing to any of them results in an h-scene, but not in a game over (though Cesca is left with a single HP). Once a masked man has been defeated he is gone for good.

For the moment there are no other side quests.