Version 0.01Edit

~ Set basic premise for the game; intro, character selection screen, etc.
~ Skills, stats, equipment, parameters all set
~ Added 1st area
~ Added first enemy, the bandit sentry
~ Added one H-scene

Version 0.02Edit

~ Added 4 new areas; the Storage Room, Syndicate Shop, Statue Room, and Bottlery
~ Added 4-5 new H-scenes -- accepting the maid's offer, losing to the bandit a second time, losing to a gargoyle, and the guard pikeman (seduce or lose against).
~ Added two shops
~ Added Purity variable and the according adjustments based on H-scene

Version 0.03Edit

~ Implemented 2 new areas / rooms
~ Added two new scenes for each character, which is roughly 8 new CG's for each total, so another 70 pictures in all (making the total about 140 CG's thus far).
~ Added 'choices' during H-scenes. Each branch has about 3 choices, two of which tend to change based on your Purity score. Additionally, some choices will actually raise or lower your Purity score further depending. At the end of most scenes, a common reference to 'degradation' (You can't help but feel somewhat / moderately / thoroughly degraded...) will generally indicate a drop in Purity and its degree.
~ Added a new Title / Game Over / Character Select background, as well as battle initiation thing.
~ Added a resolution change script (640 x 480 now, larger, so you can see more of the pictures whose bottom portions were cut off in 0.02)

Version 0.04Edit

~ Added Cutscene and boss Kalen, as well as the checkpoint area
~ Expanded work on the Chambers; added 'Chasers' to it
~ Added several H-scenes, including the 1st dominatrix and 1st twins, among others
~ Tweaked several stat and skill settings

Version 0.05Edit

~ Fixed various grammar errors throughout
~ Modified some weapon, armor, and item icons
~ Added 4 new areas (and a hallway, lol)
~ Added 5 new H-scenes (15+ CG's for each character, for a total of over 120 new CG's)
~ 2 new storyline-relevant NPC's introduced
~ Changed around some skills
~ Added new icons / sprites to skills, weapons and items
~ Each character has 5 new skills for a total of 10; all of them are learned by Level 15.
~ Lowered the price of Mindpotions and their more potent counterparts
~ Fixed Kalen somewhat; should you lose to him, escape from the Chambers, and meet with him again, you won't sit through the same dialogue as when you first encountered him (for relative storyline consistency).
~ Changed the graphics of some battles, including the Gargoyle and Bandit Journeymen (chasers in the Chambers).
~ Added the option to have 20 save slots at max instead of the usual 4.
~ Major combat balancing. Casters now deal a LOT more damage to make up for their lower HP. Thyme has status effects and Pharmacology (gains double efficiency from potions), while Lanie has much higher raw damage, and acquires a new skill called Concentrate at level 6 that can double her Spirit for the next spell cast! Cesca and Sairyn both have critical bonus, so their normal attacks tend to do a lot of damage, while 'tank classes' Rhiannon, Emilia and Asella have had their max HP raised in order to make up for the damage-dealing discrepancy.
~ Added another bad-end 'Game Over'. Hint: Listen for a certain type of music played during a boss battle!
~ Adjusted the level curve and EXP given from some enemies, making it easier to level overall.

Version 0.06Edit

~ Fixed the damn Chambers room with the twins in it by putting an alternate passageway
~ Added a script that changes the battle background
~ Fixed additional grammar errors
~ Added 2 new areas; the 'Barracks' and two shabby rooms
~ More storyline-relevant NPC's introduced
~ Fixed some of Lanie's skills
~ Modified the Wolfram scene for 4 of the characters; if your Purity is high enough, you won't allow yourself to be groped by the bandit
~ Wolfram and Guillard now only move slightly from their original spots once you leave the room, then move to the table as the game progresses.
~ Added an attack animation for the Katzbalger and changed its sprite
~ Added two new cutscenes and a boss fight
~ Added 7-8 new H-scenes;
- The new area has bandits sleeping in beds that you can give blowjobs to if your Purity is low enough. The drunk bandit who is sleeping near the beginning part of the game (next to the Syndicate shop girls) can also be pleased in the same fashion, provided the right conditions have been met.
Keep in mind that Irine needs a low enough Purity in order to actually kill the sleeping bandits in their beds. Killing them will give you EXP, but of course they won't respawn so as to prevent farming.
- Two new scenes with the dominatrix / slave supervisor, unlockable after losing to her once and winning the second time; revenge!
- New scene with the twins in the Chambers, unlockable by talking to the other twin after doing it with them the first time.
- Short scene by interacting with the tub in the Barracks bathing area
- H-scene by losing to the group of bandits in the area east of the Barracks. You will get a 'Game Over', for now, if you lose to them, however, which is hinted by the same battle music that played during the fight with the plant boss.
- H-scene by losing to the red/blue characters after the cutscene in the campfire room.
- H-scene (of sorts) with one of the newly introduced characters, if your Purity is HIGH enough.
~ Added another 'mirror' with which to check Purity
~ Bookshelves now have some reading material to provide storyline / background and / or foreshadowing
~ If you can manage to beat the storyline-related boss, he drops a unique weapon...

Version 0.07Edit

~ Added 1 new area (south of the map where you first encounter Gwyn) and renovated / expanded the Chambers
~ Added a storyline-relevant cutscene, corresponding NPC's, and regular enemy + boss fight
~ Implemented the Stalls system, which can be seen upon losing to the storyline-relevant boss, or now by losing to the Assassins a second time. A character featured in the Stalls may or may not become a recurring NPC, based on feedback.
~ Added a script to display a rough estimate of the enemy's HP, when you do damage to them
~ Added a counter that keeps track of how many times your main character has been cummed inside (ass, mouth, pussy); can be seen by going to mirrors
~ Changed some of Sairyn's skill descriptions to be less vague or confusing
~ Changed the Leather Hat to a Leather Helm, in order to better illustrate that it is a 'heavy' piece of armor in terms of classification and character compatibility.
~ Added 11 new H-scenes; over 250+ new CG's in all
- The Stalls have 1+5 H-scenes total, for now
- Revised Wolfram cutscene, now with a High Purity variant, a Medium Purity variant, and a Low Purity variant (which has an H-scene) for all characters.
- One choice / story-related H-scene montage depending on timer outcome--whether you make it to Gwyn on time or not
- 2 other H-scenes that trigger on losses to the new NPC's
- 1 scene that high Purity or high Gwyn relationship-score players can get as a reward for saving her on time.

Version 0.07b (Emergency patch)Edit

~ Fixed a bug that occurred when you tried to go to the Chambers in a way other than the passage provided by the Veteran Pikeman.
~ Fixed a major bug from 0.07 that caused the game to crash when you tried a normal attack.
~ Made it so that saving in the 'End of Demo' room is impossible, so that old save files won't be stuck there if the player happened to save in that room.
~ Fixed several bugs, including one that prevented characters from being able to equip Xanrud's dropped items, as well as the issues with the 'multiple save files' script.
~ Placed a poster in the starting room that has a brief reminder / explanation of controls

Version 0.08Edit

~ Added 'light' indicators to passages without doors and at the ends of hallways, for an easier time navigating
~ 'Handheld Mirror' item added, which allows you to check your Purity when used from the menu.
~ Gallery Mode added; can be accessed via the Title screen menu. Unfortunately, your existing saves will not work to show the scenes that you've already seen; this requires a completely new game / save file as I had to install switches within each H-scene, which need to be hit in order to unlock them in the gallery mode. Game Over H-scenes are also included without you needing to save afterwards--simply seeing a scene will unlock it in the case for these particular events.
Credit goes to to plby2005 and Raziel321 for the script, ker for sending it to me, and of course DragonRB for his amazingly hard work on modifying it as necessary for Despair Labyrinth's Purity system!
~ The Chambers have been divided into two parts, East and West, to reduce lag.
- 4 new maps added
- 1 new enemy type and 1 miniboss added
- 3 new cutscenes (non-H) added
~ 7 new H-scenes in all (of which have far more CG's than those from previous patches);
- 4 character-specific H-scenes; Emilia, Rhiannon, Asella and Sairyn
- 3 generic H-scenes
Also, a bonus;
Despair Labyrinth CG OVERHAUL!
These were only for the low-res images (which is most of them up to the Wolfram cutscene). I've redone the images for the starting bandit (both scenes), slime, maid, dominatrix (first scene), plant monster, vine-laced abomination, gargoyle, guard pikeman, twins (first scene), and sailors. No more ridiculous pixelation, plus some images made a bit better.
~ Added another image to the first Twins scene when you tell them to cum inside.
~ Added 'special' images to the first Twins scene for Rhiannon, Emilia and Asella. Emilia's occurs when you choose to finish them by hand, Asella's can be seen when you choose to have them cum inside, and Rhiannon's happens beforehand regardless of choice made. These are small attempts to further 'individualize' each girl's experiences.
~ Added small conditional branches involving Gwyn to the gargoyle scene and the brawler foursome scene. Right now it's just an extra CG and a brief description; consider this a placeholder for future updates.

Version 0.09Edit

~Added 'speed text' function: Hold 'down' on the arrow keys to quick-skip through text; it will stop at the next available choice when used on cutscenes or H-scenes.
~Added "Load" feature: You can now load a saved game from the character menu.
~Several new areas: Guest Rooms, Division Library, Rogues' Division Officers' Lounge (with side rooms), Treasure Room (Cesca exclusive), and several hallways
~Wealth of information from books in the small library, located at the east hallway of the lounge, and books in the larger library to the far north. Consider this introductory lore for the world of Despair Labyrinth.
~Added several cutscenes:
-Unique Thyme/Irine interactions. If playing as Thyme, you will encounter Irine in the 'rest area' located north of the Syndicate Officers' Lounge. If playing as Irine, you will encounter Thyme in the Division Library.
-Unique Thyme flashback and background; automatically triggered after walking further into the Division Library
~Exclusive action / puzzle mini-game for Cesca with item reward, located in the new area after the Officers' Lounge
~Exclusive fetch quest / dating-game for Lanie with H-scene reward; located in the first Syndicate Bar.

7 new H-scenes total!
~Added 2 'generic' H-scenes:
-Talk to the NPC at the northeast corner of the Officers' Lounge. Low Purity (< 50) required.
-Talk to the wine bottle sitting on the counter of the bar in the Barracks (old room with all the sleeping bandits). Low Purity (< 50) required.
~Added 5 character-specific H-scenes:
-Cesca, by losing to enemies in the treasure room
-Lanie, by 'winning' at the end of the quest
-Irine, by default after entering the Guest Rooms
-Thyme, by default after walking into the Division Library
-Asella, by defeating Rhiannon in their encounter cutscene while having low Purity and the Dominatrix Outfit in your inventory

Also fixed some combat stuff:
-Updated Charming Wink to affect two random enemies instead of all of them
-Deadly Venom now counts as a Physical Attack.
-Concentrate now doubles Spirit for the next several rounds instead of one
-Gave Pierce and Bash their proper elements (Piercing and Blow, respectively)
-Nerfed Quadra Curse to have a 75% chance to end after 3 turns--it's real nasty, even then
-Divine Barrier now has a 90% chance to end after 4 turns
-Updated the descriptions on some items and skills

Version 0.10Edit

Not released yet.