A dark-haired student from the Royal Magic Academy and a high-ranking member of the Syndicate's Arcane Division, maybe even the Division's boss (it's not yet clear). She seems to think highly of herself and her own skills, and doesn't like being corrected, even if the other person is right. She is responsible for the Gargoyles you meet early in the game, as well as for the Plant Monsters that guard the syndicate Grow-Op. There are likely many more creatures she has created or summoned for the Syndicate.

Nebula seems to be jealous of Lanie because the latter has always done better on the Academy exams, and is quite pleased that she's finally able to do something Lanie cannot do... even if that "something" is conjuring creatures in violation of the Academy’s rules and the Kingdom’s laws.

She seems to be rather cowardly, as hinted by the fact that she hides behind the back of her ogre creation and when it is defeated she flees right away.

Nebula is the boss of the Trouble 5.