In addition to all the important (and not-so-important) characters the game also features a lot of minor ones. Most of them, such as all the nameless syndicate thugs, are too insignificant to mention. Some, though, are a bit more memorable, for various reasons. Here you can find a list of such minor NPCs. Any that become important later will be moved to their own page.

Work in progress.


Captain of the Elynsorian 12th Infantry Division. He does not have a high opinion of the King or the princess. He has betrayed the kingdom (though he does not see it quite the same way) and is fiercely loyal to the Syndicate, even willing to die for them.

He is one of the stronger members of the Rogues' Division and has the skills Sever Nerve and Cleave, though most of the time he uses regular attacks.


A friend of Sairyn and Enyo, he is an assistant instructor in the same dojo where they trained. He is engaged to Sai due to an arranged marriage, though there is also a certain amount of affection between the two of them. Enyo, however, was also in love with him, and has kidnapped him and taken him to the labyrinth, joining the syndicate and making use of their various mind-altering drugs to brainwash him into loving her. If Sairyn fails to defeat Enyo in their duel, Enyo will rape Shuu in front of her rival while taunting her.

The TwinsEdit

Rion and Seri are twins that have been with the Syndicate their entire lives. Rion seems to be the more confident brother while Seri is shy and hesitant. Their room is in the south-west part of the Rogues' Division's Chambers. Currently they have two scenes (the first scene requires 65 or less Purity), but due to suggestions made by fans they are likely to get more scenes in the future.

Starting with the second scene involving them the game tracks your relationship with the twins, but currently said relationship has no impact on the game.

Chambers ClientsEdit

A list of all the different clients that can be seen when the heroines get sent to the Chambers for the first time (each main character has a different first client).

Archbishop GenesiusEdit

A respected member of the Church... and apparently a high-ranking member of the Syndicate. Currently only Irine can meet him, and only if she is sent to the Chambers as a result of a loss.


A rookie member of the Order of Saint Lisle. When Emilia was sent to the Chambers he paid to be her first client. After their meeting Emilia can have a dream that features him (see H-Events for details on said dream).


A shy male student from the Royal Magic Academy. He is Lanie's first client if she gets sent to the Chambers. He’s angry at her due to not getting a chocolate from her on Blue Day last year. Lanie considers him a loser (not without reason).

Irving is likely also the one Lanie mentions during her conversation with Gwyn at the camp, before Xanrud meets her for the first time.

If you are not playing as Lanie you can encounter him walking around the west side of the Chambers.

Chambers TraderEdit

An unnamed merchant walking around the west part of the Chambers. He is there for all except Asella and sells a few rings that are currently unique.

For Asella he is her very first client if she is sent to the Chambers.

Rhiannon's first clientEdit

An unnamed young, somewhat finely-dressed, man. His father was a royal coach driver for the Kingdom, but was killed during one of Rhiannon's raids. His mother committed suicide shortly after her husband's death. The guy blames Rhiannon for his parents' deaths and for ruining his life.

Cedgar DunnuhyewEdit

Cesca's first client - an old man who used to be a guard. He lost his job when Cesca stole the item he was supposed to guard.

Thyme's first clientEdit

An unnamed former client of her brothel. She kicked him out and blacklisted him because he tried to beat one of the girls there half to death. He's none too happy about getting kicked out.


Sairyn's first client - an older, finely-dressed, gentleman who calls himself "Connoisseur of women". He has gotten tired of Elynsorian women and Sairyn happens to be just the kind of exotic beauty he's looking for.

Each of the last four can be seen walking around the Chambers if you are not playing as the girl he is looking for.

The Princess of ElynsorEdit

Nothing is known about her apart from the fact that she exists and that she is (or was before her kidnapping) still chaste.

Irine grew up alongside her and was something like an older sibling to her. As a member of the Holy Royal Guard Asella knows her as well. And Kalen does not have a high opinion of her or her father.

The Princess has not made an actual appearance in the game, and likely won't for a long time (except maybe in a flashback or an illusion), but gets mentioned here due to her importance. Her location is currently unknown, however it is certain that she is not anywhere in the Rogues' Division.