A brief overview of all characters in the game. For details about a particular character see its own page.

Work in progress. Since the game is incomplete this list is also incomplete, but it lists (nearly) all known characters.

Main CharactersEdit

There are 8 playable characters in the game.

Emilia of the Twin SwordsEdit

A dual-wielding warrior.

Rhiannon the FierceEdit

The leader of a small group of bandits.

Sister IrineEdit

A cleric who grew up together with the princess.

Cesca the SwiftEdit

A treasure hunter looking for–what else?–more treasure.

Thyme the Red-Eyed WitchEdit

An enigmatic hermit who lives in a forest unmarked on many maps.

Lanie the ProdigyEdit

A prodigy student from the Royal Magic Academy, looking to test her skills.


A martial artist from a far away kingdom.

Asella the PaladinEdit

A Holy Royal Guard, whose designation is to protect His Highness, the King. She has been ordered to rescue the princess.

Secondary CharactersEdit


A young woman who has encountered the labyrinth alone, naively thinking that she’ll be fine on her own.


A warrior looking for his kidnapped fiancée.


A Holy Royal Guard who has entered the labyrinth in search of Asella.

Syndicate members and their alliesEdit


A student from the Royal Magic Academy, likely the head of the Syndicate's Arcane Division.

Trouble 5Edit

Five girls, officers of the Syndicate's Arcane Division, under Nebula.


A member of the Syndicate's Rogues' Division, a bit nicer than most men there.


The boss of the Syndicate's Rogues' Division, and much stronger fighter than the rest of his division's members.

Lady IlliaEdit

A Dominatrix in charge of slave training in the Rogues' Division's Chambers.


A childhood friend and rival of Sayrin, she has joined the Syndicate and is training some of the Rogues' Division's stronger fighters in the use of the Dojo's techniques.

Lord BaeldonEdit

An officer of the Syndicate's Military Division.



A young man you can meet in the Syndicate bar.

Minor charactersEdit

A list of minor characters that are not just nameless syndicate thugs or nameless NPCs.

For historical characters see the page about the game's world. If any of these characters prove important enough later they will be moved to the appropriate character page.