Lanie's Portrait

Lanie the Prodigy is a brilliantly gifted student of a nearby magic academy, whose arcane talent far exceeds even that of some instructors at the school. However, she lacks any type of experience in a real combat scenario, so she enters the dungeon in order to test her skills. All the boys in her class envy and lust after Lanie; she is an idol of sorts.

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

Sixth of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Lanie's official class is 'Magician'. Her starting Purity is 80. Currently there's only one H event exclusive to her.

Currently has one side quest exclusive to her: Translation Help

Character Sprite

She has one rank of additional resistance against:

  • Confusion
  • SPI down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Fire Ball, Surrender
  • L2 - Aqua Blast
  • L3 - Arc Lightning
  • L4 - Earth Crusher
  • L5 - Cutting Wind
  • L6 - Concentrate
  • L7 - Ignition Blaze
  • L9 - Blue Riptide
  • L11 - Thunderhead's Rage
  • L13 - Stone Rain
  • L15 - Rending Gale

Note: Currently all of Lanie's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

Currently if playing as Lanie you do not encounter any of the other 8 main characters.


  • Like Thyme Lanie's skills are all spells and she does not rely on physical attacks, so Blindness is not a problem for her. On the other hand Silence is a serious issue for her, as it prevents spellcasting. Equipping a Magician Bracelet is recommended, as it not only increases her Spirit (and thus the damage of her spells), but also protects her from Silence.
  • Currently Concentrate is the only non-damage skill she has. None of her skills inflict negative effects on enemies, which leaves her at a slight disadvantage compared to most other characters.
  • Confusion is not as dangerous for her as it is for most other characters, as - due to her low Attack - her regular attacks do very low damage. This makes it a bit easier for her to survive getting confused.
  • As befitting a student from the Royal Magic Academy, Lanie's skills use the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. Since most of the enemies in the game so far are vulnerable to at least one of these she is able to exploit most of these weaknesses.
    • She's also the only playable character with free access to Lightning damage. Lightning is one of only 2 elements that cause double damage against Xanrud.
    • Lanie has several skills (Ignition Blaze, Blue Riptide, Thunderhead's Rage, Stone Rain and Rending Gale) that hit all enemies still alive. This makes them very useful against large groups of foes.