Irine's Portrait

Sister Irine is a wise and kindly cleric of the Elynsor Kingdom, who grew up alongside the captive Princess and was something like an older sibling to her. She took the royal bounty of her own accord, hoping to rescue her lifelong friend from whatever cruel fate might await her. Having taken vows of chastity, she is a virgin.

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

Third of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Irine's official class is 'Priest'. Her starting Purity is 100. Currently there's only one H event exclusive to her.

Currently there are no side quests exclusive to her.

Character Sprite

She has one rank of additional resistance against:

  • Silence
  • SPI down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Healing Prayer, Holy Spark, Surrender
  • L3 - Angel's Spear
  • L4 - Blessing of Light
  • L5 - Divine Barrier
  • L7 - Lex Divina
  • L9 - Archangel's Lance
  • L11 - Prayer of Faith
  • L13 - Prayer of Hope
  • L15 - Prayer of Charity

Note: Currently all of Irine's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

If playing as Irine you will meet Thyme in the library at the end of the Rogues' Division. The game tracks your relationship with her, but currently said relationship has no impact on the game.


  • A number of events have different Purity requirements for Irine compared to the other characters. In some cases her Purity must be lower than that of the other 7 heroines, while in other cases her Purity must be below a certain amount while there's no such requirement for the other main characters. Because of that it is recommended (but not required) that you choose whether you will play a low-Purity or high-Purity character, and stick to that decision.
  • Most of Irine's offensive skills are spells, so blindness will not hinder her very much. Silence, however, is a lot more of an issue, so using a Magician Bracelet is recommended.
  • Currently her skill "Archangel's Lance" is not affected by Attack or Spirit, so it can be used even if Irine has been blinded and silenced.
  • Irine's skills provide her with several very helpful status effects, both positive and negative: blindness, confusion, Attack down, Attack up, Spirit up, temporary resistance to all physical damage, silence and paralysis. In addition, all of her offensive skills and spells have 100% accuracy, so she never misses. On the flip side as a member of the Church all of her attack skills are of the Holy element, so most of the time she won't be able to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. Also, currently all of Irine's attack skills are of the "single target" variety, which leaves her vulnerable to groups of enemies.


  • Despite being a nun and a virgin, Irine seems to have been a natural nymphomaniac in her youth, masturbating at least five times a day and fantasizing about offering herself to any passing stranger.  Although she has since devoted her life to temperance, Irine is still wearing very sexy underwear.