• Be sure to search all chests and crates. While only some of the items you find will be of use for your character (almost) all can be sold for gold. Also, if you manage to get a second party member some of the previously useless items may turn out to be useful for him/her.
  • Remember that Gwyn's equipment is not fixed – you can change some (or all) of it, making her stronger and more useful in combat.
  • Save often. You have 20 slots available – use them. This will allow you to easily correct mistakes (such as choosing the wrong option during a conversation), reduces the amount of content you'll have to replay if the game crashes for whatever reason, and allows you to experiment (if you want) with the choices in any cutscenes you might encounter.
  • Remember that different enemies have different vulnerabilities. A skill or spell that is useless against one enemy may be the best choice against another. This is especially important for spellcasters such as Lanie.
  • The item "Warrior Bracelet" prevents blindness while "Magician Bracelet" prevents silence. This makes the former very helpful for characters that rely on physical attacks (like Emilia and Rhiannon) while the latter is important for spellcasters like Lanie and Thyme.
  • Winning the first battle against Xanrud is not required, but is strongly recommended as that gives you 50% chance to get the Widowmaker – one of the two best swords currently in the game. It can be used by Emilia, Rhiannon, Cesca, Asella and Gwyn

For character-specific tips see each playable character's own page.