There are three primary ways to restore HP and MP in the game: Potions, skills, and resting.


Restoratives (healing potions, mindpotions, elixirs, etc.) can be found in chests or bought from shops. Note that HP Supplements only increase max HP, but do not heal, and MP Supplements only increase max MP, but do not restore any MP.

Elixirs fully restore HP and MP, and remove most negative effects. Currently there are no other potions that restore both.

The effectiveness of all restorative items is doubled when used by Thyme (for example, a Mindpotion will restore 200 MP when used by her, instead of the usual 100 MP). This is a special bonus exclusive to her alone.

Skills and spellsEdit

Healing skillsEdit

Irine starts with the Healing Prayer skill. Asella learns the same skill at level 2. Sairyn learns Meditation at level 7.

Cesca learns Draining Slash at level 4. Unlike the above healing skills this one works only if it hits, and heals an amount equal to the damage, but not higher than the remaining HP of the enemy (so if this skill is used on an enemy with 10 HP, Cesca will be healed just 10 HP even if the damage caused is - for example - 200).

The rest of the characters have no healing skills and have to rely on the other ways for healing.

Skills to restore MPEdit

There are no skills that directly restore MP, however some skills can restore the user’s MP by draining enemy MP.

Cesca learns Mind Drain at level 11, Emilia learns Mind Razer at level 5, and Thyme learns Spell Siphon at level 6. Cesca’s and Emilia’s skills are like normal attacks and can miss, while Thyme’s always hits.

All three skills can’t drain more MP than the enemy has left.

The rest of the characters have no skills to restore MP and have to rely on the other ways to do it.


There are some spots where you can rest (or something equivalent). Such spots are rare because the labyrinth is not a safe place by any stretch of the imagination.

The first spot where you can heal is in the Syndicate Grow-op – simply drink from the fountain.

The second spot is in the Barracks – choose to take a bath.

A resting spot is available at the camp site where you and Gwyn meet Xanrud for the first time, but only if all 4 requirements are met.

Another resting spot is available in the rooms west of where you meet Lumina. The middle bed can be used by all characters. There’s also a one-time event here that is available only to Emilia and will fully heal her. See H-Events for details how to unlock it.

If you finish Lanie’s side quest and accept Renford’s offer you get a free heal along with the H scene.

You can use the beds in the Rest Area (the area with three rooms north of the Mess Hall) to rest. Also, if you are playing as Irine, her exclusive scene (which takes place there) also grants a full heal.

When you pass out after working in the Stalls you get a full heal.

Currently there are no other safe spots to rest and heal. All of the above spots fully restore HP and MP, and also remove all effects (both negative and positive) that affect the characters.