Gwyn's Portrait

Gwyn is a young woman who was the strongest fighter in her fiefdom (or so she claims). She thought she would be fine on her own, but quickly discovered that the Syndicate's members do not play by the same rules, and would have gotten raped if not for the timely arrival of the main character.

What happens to her depends on the player's choices and success – or failure – at certain tasks in the game. It is possible for her to join the party, which makes the early fights much easier.

Gwyn's official class is 'Duelist'. She gets a critical bonus in combat. Currently she's featured in 3 H scenes:

  • 'Gwyn' - available only if you meet all the requirements
  • 'Gwyn Bath Scene'
  • 'Gwyn: Drugged and Left Behind' - available only if you fail to rescue Gwyn on time

She has one rank of additional resistance against:

  • Piercing damage
  • Confusion
  • AGI down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Riposte
  • L2 - Disarming Cut
  • L3 - Crippling Slash
  • L4 - Gemini Attack
  • L5 - Stop-Thrust
  • L7 - Sword Rain
  • L9 - Coup de Grace
  • L11 - Duple Calamity
  • L13 - Whirlwind Defense
  • L15 - Trinity Rush

Note: Gwyn starts at level 4, so she already has the first 4 skills when you meet her.

The game tracks your relationship with her. Currently this is the only relationship that matters, as a high-enough value is required for unlocking the first consensual Gwyn H scene.


  • Gwyn's "Disarming Cut" has a chance to lower target's Attack. This is especially useful against enemies with high physical attack, such as Xanrud.
  • Her "Crippling Slash" has a chance to lower the target's Agility. Currently it is not quite as useful as Disarming Cut, but as the game gets expanded its usefulness may increase.
  • All of Gwyn's offensive skills are physical attacks, so blindness will make her pretty useless for a few turns. Equipping her with a Warrior Bracelet is recommended.