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At first glance the game has a simple story: Enter the dungeon and rescue the princess killing anyone that gets in your way.

Even though the game is still early in development there's already a wealth of knowledge available. This additional info helps to flesh out the world and the characters.

Background LoreEdit

Discovered primarily through reading the books that can be found on many of the bookshelves. Some of the background story is revealed through one or more characters. For example, Sairyn and Enyo's rivalry reveals information about Honrai, their homeland, while conversations with Orpheus reveal some info about the Order of St. Croix. At times info from books overlaps with info from other sources, such as characters.

The background lore includes information about past and present events, people, places, organizations, etc.

The Redclaw SyndicateEdit

The main antagonists of the game, the Syndicate are a criminal organization that has managed to infiltrate the internal government of the Kingdom of Elynsor. Their activities include, but are not limited to, drug trafficking, blackmail, and slave trade.

The Syndicate's power and influence is so great that most of their activities were overlooked by the authorities... until the princess was kidnapped by the King's advisor.

For details about the Syndicate and its members see its own page.

The Despair LabyrinthEdit

The dungeon where most of the game takes place.

Game WorldEdit

While the game takes place almost entirely in the titular Labyrinth there's far more to the game's setting. If you take the time to read all the background info available you'll discover a wealth of knowledge about the geography and history of the game's world and its inhabitants, as well as about other planes and some of the creatures that inhabit them (some of those otherworldly creatures will appear in future versions of the game).


There's some information about the game’s world available outside the game, in a few forum roleplays. Currently that info is not included in the wiki.

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