Enyo's Portrait



A childhood friend and rival of Sairyn. The two studied in the same Dojo in their home land.

At first the two had a friendly rivalry, but over time Enyo grew obsessed with defeating Sayrin. The reason for the obsession: Enyo had fallen in love with Shuu, who had eyes only for Sai. Learning about Sai and Shuu's arranged marriage was the last straw.

When Sairyn left the dojo Enyo followed her. She joined the syndicate and trains some of the stronger fighters in the Rogues' Division to use the dojo's techniques. The Brawlers she has trained are a bit stronger than the rest of the thugs in the Division and seem to have some loyalty for her.

While her goal is to best Sai she won't just sit by and ignore any intruders.

Character sprite

The game tracks your relationship with her, but currently said relationship has no impact on the game.

During your first encounter with her she has the same set of skills as Sairyn at level 9:

  • Flying Knee, Surrender
  • Flying Split Kick
  • Spinning Back Elbow
  • Doumawashi
  • Heaven and Earth Throw
  • Meditation
  • Air Push Palm

Her normal attacks can inflict a critical hit, similar to the regular attacks of the playable characters.