Emilia's Portrait

Emilia of the Twin Swords is a famous swordswoman under the Order of Saint Lisle, a group of knights under the kingdom's command. She has made something of a name for herself with her unpredictable dual-wielding style. Emilia has led to the killing or capture of countless members of the Redclaw Syndicate leading many of the remaining gangsters to want nothing more than her capture...

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

First of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Emilia's official class is 'Warrior'. Her starting Purity is 90. She can use two weapons, but cannot use shields. Currently there's only one H event exclusive to her.

Currently there are no side quests exclusive to her.

Background details:

  • The orc she can meet in the Stalls calls her "the orc killer" and - if her Purity is low enough - Emilia herself admits to having taken out a few orcs in the past. However, so far it is unclear if she really is the same "orc killer" the orc is thinking of, or if it's a misunderstanding.
  • She is one of only three self-trained knights that have been accepted into the Order of Saint Lisle.

Character sprite

She has one rank of additional resistance against:

  • Paralysis
  • DEF down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Turning Swallow Cut, Surrender
  • L2 - Phantom Mirage
  • L3 - Sever Nerve
  • L4 - Gemini Attack
  • L5 - Mind Razer
  • L7 - Triad Onslaught
  • L9 - Battle Tactics
  • L11 - Wind Cutter
  • L13 - Stance of Mars
  • L15 - Stance of Venus

Note: Currently all of Emilia's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

Currently if playing as Emilia you do not encounter any of the other 8 main characters.


  • Currently all of Emilia's attack skills are physical attacks, so blindness can be a serious problem for her. Equipping her with a Warrior Bracelet is recommended.
  • She has a skill (Mind Razer) that drains the target's MP and restores her own, so she does not have as much need for Mindpotions as most other characters.
  • Emilia's skills provide her with several positive effects and the possibility of paralyzing the enemy. Some of her skills also allow her to attack 2 or 3 enemies at once. On the flip side she has no free access to most magic elements (Wind is the only exception), so most of the time she won't be able to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.