Currently the game uses the standard turn-based combat system: You select what each character in the party will do, and then the characters and enemies act. There are no puzzle bosses, or trick battles, or any such thing. Not yet, at least.

There are just two things you need to worry about at times:

  1. Status Effects: Some enemies (such as Xanrud, Enyo, the Brawlers and the Silent Assassins) can inflict negative effects on your character. The exact effects are different for each enemy and their annoyance level can vary from "very problematic" to "completely insignificant" depending on your character. For example, blindness is of little consequences for spellcasters such as Lanie and Thyme. Some pieces of equipment can protect you from one or more negative status effects, and some items and skills can be used to remove one or more status effects.
  2. Resistances: Some enemies are vulnerable to certain elements and resistant to others. Most enemies are so weak that you need not concern yourself with such details, but against foes that hit for a lot of damage and/or have a lot of HP using a skill/spell that is effective (if you have one) is recommended.

Consequences of losingEdit

Losing a battle can have one of the following consequences:

  1. Game over: Your character gets raped and permanently enslaved. A good example is getting defeated by the Vine-Laced Abomination
  2. Sent to the Chambers: Some enemies (such as the Silent Assassins) will capture your character and send you to the Chambers
  3. Rape: Some enemies do not like sharing and will rape you if you lose, but you will be allowed to continue on your way. This may also happen if you lose to an NPC that is not a member of the Syndicate
  4. Left alone: In some rare cases the enemy will not do anything to your character. You miss out on the items and gold you would have gotten for winning, and will likely need to heal, but are otherwise unharmed. In other (even rarer) cases you can avoid the negative consequences of the loss by saying the right things after the loss.


You win a battle when all enemies have been defeated (currently there are no enemies that flee from combat). For winning you get one or more of the following: experience, gold, items, equipment. In some rare cases you might be allowed to do something to your defeated foe, though that tends to have special requirements, such as having a low-enough Purity. Currently there are two such special cases (see H-Events for details).