Throughout the Despair Labyrinth there are chests and crates just waiting to be looted. This page contains the location of all the chests and crates as well as their contents.

First Room Chests
1st Room

Upon entering the labyrinth you are met with a dank cell, in this cell are 2 chests.

  • Mindpotion
  • Potion

Store RoomEdit

Store Room Chests
After you get past the bandit sentry you will enter a store room, with a maid wondering aimlessly. In this room there are 4 chests and 2 crates.
  • Fairy Shoes
  • Gladius
  • Leather Helm
  • Longbow
  • Blizzard Scroll
  • High Potion

First ShopEdit

First Shop Chest
When you get to the first shop, in the left corner there is 1 crate.
  • 500 Gold

Wine RoomEdit

After you get past the Pikeman either by beating him or seducing him, you will be able to loot 1 small chest and 1 crate.
  • High Mindpotion
  • Bronze Shield

Assassin ChamberEdit

Upon entering this large chamber there are numerous chests scattered around. There is 1 metal chest to the west, 1 chest to the north, 6 chests and 1 crate to the east, as well as a composite bow to the south.

  • 1000 gold
  • Composite Bow
  • Magician Bracelet
  • High Potion
  • Elixir
  • 500 Gold
  • MP Supplement
  • Full Mindpotion
  • Full Potion
  • HP supplement

The ChambersEdit

Handheld Mirror
After entering the chambers, either by being drugged or when you try to save Gwyn. There is 1 small chest located in the room south of where Xanrud is.
  • Handheld Mirror

Kalens PostEdit

After you defeat Kalen and talk with Orpheus you will notice there are 2 crates to your left and 3 metal chests to your right. Go ahead and loot them.
  • Circlet
  • Chainmail Hood
  • Leather Dress
  • Chainmail Hauberk
  • Mystic's Robe

Slime GroundsEdit

Once you reach the cross roads head west and you will come to some rocky terrain infested with slimes. Here you will find 8 chests. 7 are located on the edge of the map and one nearer the center.
  • Cestus
  • Four-flanged Mace
  • Cavalry Lance
  • Katzbalger
  • Crossbow
  • Rondel
  • Claymore
  • Elders Staff

Second Store RoomEdit

After you use the key that Nebula drops to unlock the door in the tavern. You encounter the gate bandit. In this room there are 3 crates, 1 chest and 1 hidden crate. That last crate is really easy to miss due to its location.
  • 5000 Gold
  • ATK Supplement
  • Panacea
  • Elixir x2

Camp FireEdit

Campfire Crate
After saving Gwyn from the 4 bandits, you and she set up camp in a small room where you must fight Xanrud, and Red & Blue. Once they are defeated the 1 crate is located to your left.
  • High Potion

Secret PassageEdit

Veteran Pikeman Crates and Chest
On the trail of Gwyn you come across a Veteran Pikeman. 'Convince' him to tell you where Xanrud is then raid the crates and chest. There are 2 crates and 1 chest in this room.
  • Warrior Bracelet
  • Full Potion
  • High Mindpotion


After rescuing Gwyn or leaving her to her fate you make your way back to the Veteran Pikeman, on your way to The Arcane Devision. Along this hallway are 2 rooms that you can enter and 1 initially locked room (it's Renford's room and so can be accessed only by Lanie during her side quest). The 1st room has 1 small chest and the second has 1 metal chest.
  • HP Supplement
  • Bagh Nakh

Treasure RoomEdit

A Cesca-exclusive room. There are seven chests here, each with different contents:

  • 1 gold piece
  • 500 gold
  • Sprout of Life
  • Inferno Scroll
  • Chloroform
  • High Mindpotion
  • A trap that sends Cesca back to the room's entrance (useful for a one-time quick trip to the entrance)