Cesca's Portrait

Cesca the Swift is a free-spirited yet spunky treasure hunter. She is adept at picking pockets and locks with her nimble fingers, and hopes to use these skills on the pockets of various mercenaries camped out in the dungeon in order to bolster her monetary haul. She is androphobic; that is, afraid of men.

(Intro from Character Selection Screen)

Fourth of the 'Primary 8' selectable characters.

Cesca's official class is 'Thief'. Her starting Purity is 100. She can use two weapons, but cannot use shields. She also gets a critical bonus in combat. Currently there's only one H event exclusive to her.

Currently has one side quest exclusive to her: The Treasure Room

Character Sprite

She has one rank of additional resistance against:

  • Poison
  • AGI down

She learns the following skills at these levels:

  • L1 - Venom Fang, Surrender
  • L2 - Eye Gouge
  • L3 - Charming Wink
  • L4 - Draining Slash
  • L5 - Assassin's Blade
  • L7 - Blinding Gash
  • L9 - Mirror Image
  • L11 - Mind Drain
  • L13 - Black Cat Jinx
  • L15 - Deadly Venom

Note: Currently all of Cesca's attack skills have the max accuracy for their type.

Currently if playing as Cesca you do not encounter any of the other 8 main characters.


  • Currently all of Cesca's damage skills are physical attacks, so blindness can be a serious problem for her. Equipping her with a Warrior Bracelet is recommended.
  • Cesca is the only character with a skill that needs to hit in order to heal her (Draining Slash). She also has a skill (Mind Drain) that drains the target's MP and restores her own. Because of these two skills she does not have as much need for potions as most other characters.
  • Be sure to complete her side quest as soon as possible. By doing so you will get one of the two best weapons currently in the game - the sword "Radiant Edge". The only other weapon that can compare to it is the "Widowmaker" you can get by defeating Xanrud during your first encounter with him.
  • Cesca has access to several status effects, mostly negative ones: poison, blindness, confusion, Defense down, paralysis, increased Agility and increased resistance to physical damage. On the flip side she has no free access to any of the magical elements, so most of the time she won't be able to take advantage of the enemies' weaknesses.